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AGM Minutes 2016

Minutes of the PTA Friends of Hotham School AGM 12th October 2016


Parents:     Emma Burley                Borja Legarra Herrero           Susie Swift

           Angie Hughes               Myrto Williams                       Minnie Kealy

                    Jane Mitchell

Staff:          Danielle Hassall             Jackie Hawes                           Rebecca Oddy

                   Sarah Martin (Head teacher)


  • Welcome and Introductions:. Thanks to all who attended and apologies accepted from Rachel Clee and Rachel Ortillano.


  • Treasurers Report: See attached notes re financial ear 2015-2016.

In summary PTA have £19,500.00 in accounts but £5,000.00 already committed to new Bike Shed Project.


  • Cake sale money-new scheme: There are to be changes to the banking and distribution of the cake sale money. Seeing as the school has gone ‘cashless’ it is not practical for the office to bank the cake sale money each week. This year the PTA will bank the cash from sales and pay the money back to the school as and when donations are agreed. Also the school has decided to trial a new way of spending the cake sale money raised over the year. Some classes do their assemblies late in the year and don’t get chance to spend it on their children and other classes for various reasons have managed to accumulate lots of cake sale money, through staffing changes etc so moving forwards we are going to agree an amount for each class to be given and spend and they will have to spend it within the school year. Funds not spent will go back into a central pot. It was agreed that this year each class will be allocated £200 and that ‘The Playground’ and ‘Music department’ will each get £300 to spend. So £3600 in total. NB: We still need help to raise money at class cake sales though because effectively we’ve given the classes the money in advance so we need to earn it back! The amounts gifted to the classes will be variable each year according to funds raised.


  • School Trip Donations: It was agreed that the PTA would give an amount to support the provision of class trips. Previously each class has been allocated funds but we decided this year that an amount would be given to the school and that the school ELT (Executive Leadership Team) would decide how to spend it as some outings cost significantly more than others eg if they involve coach hire and that the ELT could oversee ‘fair’ and appropriate use of the school trip donation. Mrs Martin would confirm the amount gifted in previous years but probably looking at a £3000 donation.


  • Parental donation letter-should we send a letter? It was agreed we should send a letter asking for voluntary donations to the school/PTA as we have had requests from parents about donating cash sums. Donations can be made anonymously and have to be made on the understanding that they go toward a central pot as opposed to a specific class unless otherwise approved by Mrs Martin and the ELT.


  • Swimathon It was agreed that the school could trial a swimathon if it were within the school allocated swim times. Eg Years 4 and 6 currently swimming could complete a swimathon on their last Monday swim in February and Years 3 and 5 could hold their swimathon in the summer term. Younger children from the school could complete their own swimming challenge if they want to take part! The children could set their own targets and we could set up a just giving fundraising page for the event. We could provide certificates or medals.


  • Spare Friday Fundraising Sales With each class only doing one assembly/cake sale a year this year we have spare Fridays to host stalls. We have already allocated some for uniform sales but other ideas could be checked with Mrs Martin or Mr Walden to avoid date clashes etc


  • Events who wants to do what? See attached list for events ideas that people have signed up to help with. Please contact the PTA if you can help at any of the events. It was agreed that the school would host the quiz night at school and that we’d look into getting a license to serve alcohol for the occasion. The school are also happy to move the summer fair to a Saturday but it was decided that this would need to be a bigger event than in previous years. Date (and whether a Friday or Saturday) to be agreed after Xmas.


  • School Wish List: Mrs Martin said the school would appreciate funds towards trips (see above) would also like money towards plants for the discovery garden (£300 was allocated) and would like the PTA to fundraise this year for an AV system for the Olympic Hall approximately £4000-£6000 and some Outdoor Musical Instruments which cost several hundred pounds each. The PTA agreed to fundraise for these items this year.
  • Tribute to Miss Young: The PTA agreed to help support the school in any tribute that was planned for Miss Young to mark her retirement after 18 years at Hotham. Ideas to be given to the PTA and Mrs Martin.
  • New Class Reps: New Class Reps were voted in. See attached list.
  • New PTA Committee: As above see attached list.



Angie Economou Hughes

Vice Chair

Susie Swift

Emma Burley


Myrto Williams


Jane Mitchell


Nursery – Miss Di Nucci


Jane Mitchell & Rachel Ortillano


Reception – Miss Oddy


Minnie Kealy

Borja Legarra Herrero

Reception – Miss Walker


Joey Hawkins

Yr 1 – Miss Evans


Fiona Cochran

Yr1 – Miss Manzi


Jenny Coombes

Yr2 – Miss Tehreem


Myrto Williams

Yr2 – Miss Campbell


Aneta Mazur & Vicki Galli

Yr3 – Miss Ah-Moy


Maria Guttman

Yr3 – Miss Namakando


Mags Saich, Amina, Angie & Nicky Watson

Yr4 – Miss Perium

Yanina Maldonado

Yr4 – Miss Krawczyk

Vicki Galli

Yr5 – Miss Powell

Susie Swift

Yr5 – Miss Dare

Rachael Clee

Yr6 – Miss Turner

Jane Tamsin Mark Marina & Stella

Yr6 – Mr Duffy

If you would like to volunteer to be a class rep, please get in touch.  The main role is to collate a contact list for the parents in your class.  Class reps can collect donations towards teacher’s Christmas/End of year presents and arrange parental help for school trips and some classroom activities (depending on which class your child is in).  Class reps also volunteer to arrange one event over the school year.


  • Hotham School PTA Accounts Summary School Year 2015-2016


Current Account (9250)

Opening balance 01.09.14                  £9064.00

Closing balance 31.08.15                    £13965.28



Events & merchandise:                                                           £11907.51

Other: Easyfundraising                                                           £329.53


Events & merchandise:                                                           £3943.50

Gifts to school:                                                                        £2911.26

Insurance, Licence & Other                                                    £481.00

Events profit:                                                                         £7964.01

Points to note:

Ø  ‘Gifts to school’ included contributions to class outings, Xmas sweets, sports day medals, music audio player, two drumming workshops, pantomime, prizes for Hotham's Got Talent and Year 6 Leavers, donation for plants & equipment for discovery garden.

Ø  Gift aid to be reclaimed on 3 events

Ø  MicroScooter we have used points to get 3 scooters for raffle prizes

Ø  Have got merchandise to sell at next events, bags, bears, tea towels,

Ø  Other expenditure contribution towards Secret Garden Anniversary Party and Ms Gunning leaving plaques etc Came from PTA 3rd account that was closed last year

Ø  PTA Savings account (5656) not touched this school year apart from interest added has balance of £5561.69

Ø  Class Cake sales have continued to be run on Fridays. Will get a ‘total’ raised from SBM when she returns to school. But thank you to the parents for supporting these.


PTA Cash total 01.09.16             £19,526.97


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