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AGM Minutes 2017

Hotham School PTA Friends AGM October 10th 2017- Minutes


Attendees:  Sarah Martin

Jenny Thomas

Becky Oddy

Emma Burley 

Myrto Williams 

Jane Mitchell

Mags Saich

Angie Hughes

Susie Swift

Marcia Salviato

Silvia Carvalho 

Usman Saifi

Fiona Cochran

Manny Garcia


Apologies: Sarah Davies,  Justin Wilkes, Rachel Ortillano,  Rachel Clee & Cecelia Weinberg



  • PTA savings account (5656) balance £5563.07 to close and money to be transferred to main account.


  • Easyfundraising reminder to be emailed to parents/carers.
  • PTA to ask for a suggested £20 donation from parents/carers towards the cost of the resident artist.
  • PTA to ask for a £2 donation towards the cost of the Christmas pantomime.
  • PTA raffle additional tickets available at the school office.


Class reps:


Jenny Combes

Reception Miss Walker

Caroline Fuelberg & Catherine Rocky

Reception Miss Oddy

Jane Mitchell

Year 1 Starlings

Maria Vourliotis (tbc)

Year 1 Robins

Manny Garcia & Borja Leggara

Year 2 Puffins

Fiona Cochran

Year 2 Kingfishers

Jenny Combes

Year 3 Squirrels

Myrto Williams

Year 3 Hedgehogs

Joanne Wheatley & Maria Calleja

Year 4 Foxes

Alex Ralph

Year 4 Badgers

Angie Hughes and Mags Saich

Year 5 Falcons

Yanina Maldonado

Year 5 Ospreys

Angela Sampson

Year 6 Sparrowhawks

Susie Swift

Year 6 Eagles

Rachel Clee

 PTA committee: Angie Hughes (Chair)

Susie Swift (Vice Chair)

Fiona Cochran (Vice Chair)

 Mags Saich (Treasurer)

 Justin Wilkes (Treasurer)

Myrto Williams (Secretary)

Emma Burley -PTA Website only


PTA Trustees :  Tina Watson to be taken off and  Mags Saich to be signed in.



  • £200 to go to each class
  • Funds to be made available for each school trip according to need
  • £200 for  Mrs Bradshaw's music department
  • PTA to purchase an AV system for the hall (Approx £5000)


Agenda Items: 

  • Traffic Calming Issues: Although this does not come under the PTA's remit, it was agreed that an Investigation into whether Wandsworth Council would consider amending access to Charlwood Road vehicle traffic during school drop off and pick up times.

Action point: Manny Garcia

  • Schoolcomms booking issues: Not really an issue for PTA, School to continue efforts to make club booking user friendly, fair and accessible to as many as possible. Club availability throughout the rest of the year to be announced at start of spring term, to allow families to plan.  A variety of methods have been trialled for the management of clubs, and no solution works for everyone. The office are trialling different methods, but cannot find a 100% perfect solution.  Mrs Martin added that the management of school clubs was extremely time consuming and a very difficult task.
  • PTA to look into generic Hotham swimming badges to be given out at the end of the swimming term, at £2 per child.

Action point: Emma Burley

  • Weekend family gardening sessions to be arranged termly.

Action point: Alison Sellers to liaise with Mrs Martin


Events 2017-2018:





Drawn 3rd Nov 2017


Christmas Cards

Order deadline 3rd Nov


Tea Towels

Autumn 2017

Fiona Cochran to speak to Jane

Secondhand uniform Sale

10th November

Angie Hughes, Susie Swift and Myrto Williams

Tombola prize day (not mufti)

Friday 1st December

Susie to label prizes

Christmas Fair

8th December 3.15 until 5pm

Angie Hughes + committee

Santa to visit School

18th December

PTA to provide sweets for every child

Mini raffle targeting parents coming to the early years sing a long and KS1 Nativity

11-14th December


Teeny Tiny Treasure Hunt for Early Years

Over the Christmas Holidays


Valentines Silent Disco in Olympic Hall + bar

Spring 1

Mags Saich to book

Tickets can be sold via website

Secondhand uniform Sale

23rd February

Angie Hughes & Mags

Book people book sale - we can ask school to make a request list of books for parents to buy and donate to school.

28th Feb until 7th March

Emma to book. Volunteers needed to run the stalls

Sports relief Event

23rd March

Miss Oddy to liaise with PTA

Quiz Night

Spring 2018


Susie/Jane Godfrey

EYFS Bounce a thon – Sponsored bounce

Week before Easter


Music Assembly and Cake Sale

4th May


Walk to school week

Healthy eating stall

18th May


Online Auction

Summer 1?


Buy Sports day medals

June 2017

Miss Oddy to liaise with PTA

Sports Day -  PTA to buy Water and cups and deliver to Barn Elms sports ground

Friday June 29th


Summer Mufti day (crazy hair?) for tombola prizes

Week before fair


Summer Fair

Saturday 30th June


Year 6 Leavers Party

Friday 13th July

Susie and Rachel

Sponsorship for Christmas and summer fairs

Usually need 50 addresses and have received £50 per address.

Kate Handy

 Discussion regarding the provision of alcohol at PTA events


During the meeting the subject of provision of alcohol was raised by Fiona Cochran, specifically the concern that alcohol was inconsistent with school events. Although in most events there is no alcohol provided, the adult only Quiz night and last years summer fair did include it. It was noted that so far the consensus from the event organisers had been to allow it were appropriate, and advertise it in advance. The subject was raised at a School Governor meeting and an action point (Jane Mitchell) has been made to establish some policy rules to guide future events.

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