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At Hotham we want every child to achieve their full potential and believe that good attendance and being punctual are significant factors in achieving this.  Periods of absence and poor punctuality are disruptive to children’s learning and send poor messages about the value of education.  Therefore we ask parents to support us in ensuring their children do not miss out on valuable learning through unnecessary absences.

We are only allowed to authorise certain categories of absence.  If your child is genuinely ill, then this is authorised.   However we have a zero tolerance to holidays taken during term as this is seen as wilfully preventing your child from access to important education.  Our curriculum is carefully structured to teach your child important skills and knowledge throughout the year – therefore holidays during term time WILL NOT be authorised.  For further information, please see the school’s Wandsworth Attendance Leaflet.

In the event of absence or lateness, please telephone the school and leave a message on the pupil absence voicemail before 8:45am.  We will phone or text you on your child’s first day of absence, if we do not hear from you.