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At Hotham, we believe that learning should take us on an amazing and fun filled journey! It is an active, social adventure which is engaging and creative. Children, from EYFS upwards are encouraged to be active in their learning and our topic based curriculum is designed with the children’s interests at the centre.  High quality teaching and learning opportunities support individual needs and encourage children to identify future learning targets. Parents/carers are sent an outline of what topics and subjects their child's class will be covering at the start of each term.

Our curriculum is enriched by a wide range of educational visits, including residential trips for pupils in Key Stage 2. We offer pupils a number of extra-curricular activities, ranging from Cheerleading to Chess to French.  All pupils in Year 4 learn to play the clarinet and there are opportunities to learn other instruments as well.


Children are taught the key skills of speaking and listening, reading and writing throughout their time at Hotham. In EYFS and KS1 children enjoy a daily phonics lesson based on the principles of Letters and Sounds.  Through the teaching of literacy, we aim to enable all children to apply their skills with confidence, accuracy and understanding to all other curriculum subjects.


At Hotham we aim to deliver a Maths curriculum which provides children with key Mathematical skills and also engages them in fun practical activities. Recent projects have included Year 2 pupils making fruit salad and working out how much they would need to sell it for to make a profit and Year 6 pupils designing and making their own strategy board games. We encourage the children to see that Maths is all around us and we use a wide range of Mathematical concepts in our everyday life.


For primary aged children science is an introduction to the world of living things, materials and energy.  It is a largely practical subject, which develops a spirit of enquiry by encouraging curiosity and reason. At Hotham our main aim in science is to enable our children to develop the skills, understanding and knowledge necessary to realise how scientific concepts apply to the world around them.


ICT has a central role in modern society. It is vital that all our pupils gain confidence and competence in using ICT to prepare them for adult life. The use of ICT can be stimulating and motivating, and can enhance learning across the whole curriculum.

That is why ICT is an integral part of the curriculum at Hotham. Pupils acquire knowledge, skills and understanding through using ICT that will help to equip them for the routines of home, work, leisure and creativity.

Religious Education

At Hotham, we are proud to have a multi-cultural community. Religious Education is taught in accordance with the Wandsworth Borough agreed syllabus.  The central aim being:

“To help young people to achieve a knowledge and understanding of religious insights, beliefs and practices, so that they are able to continue in or come to their own beliefs and respect the right of other people to hold beliefs different from their own.”

Religious Education at Hotham is taught through story and celebration.  We recognise, celebrate and learn about festivals and holy days from the Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic faiths and welcome and encourage parental involvement. 


National Curriculum 2014

English, Maths and Science remain very important and are considered the core subjects in both primary and secondary education. The National Curriculum sets out in some detail what must be taught in each of these subjects, and they will take up a substantial part of your child’s learning week. Alongside these are the familiar foundation subjects: Art, Computing, Design & Technology, Foreign Languages (age 7+ only), Geography, History, Music, and Physical Education. For these foundation subjects, the details in the curriculum are significantly briefer: schools have much more flexibility regarding what they cover in these subjects.  Please see below for further information.

Parents Complete Guide to the National Curriculum


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