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Year 4 release a song for NSPCC

During the past term, Year 4 have been working on writing and recording a charity single for our final outcome of our REAL Project: ‘Can we distinguish between music and noise?’ Our song is now completed and we have decided to call it: Keep on Dreaming.

All of the children have contributed lyrics and ideas to our song and we are going to be releasing it on soundcloud and bandcamp. The sound can be downloaded from these sites for free (although to download it from soundcloud you have to create an account).

One of the purposes of our project was to raise money for a charity and the children have chosen to raise funds for the NSPCC. We have set a target of £100 and we would really appreciate any donations that people could give us to help us achieve our aims. We have set up a ‘just giving’ page for anyone who is able to make a donation.

This page will be left open for three months and we will share our total in October.

Please note: On the just giving page it will automatically add £1 to your donation. You can take this off by selecting other and changing the amount to £0.00.

We hope you enjoy the song !

Just Giving: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/hothamsongproject