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Hotham Primary

Staff 2020-2021

Senior Leadership Team Responsibilities
Head Teacher Richard Byrne-Smith


Deputy Head Jenny Thomas

Teaching and Learning



Assistant Head Rebecca Oddy


Safeguarding, Behaviour & Family Liaison

Early Years Lead

Assistant Head Ted Walden



SENCO Kim Walker




Class Teacher

Main Teaching and Learning Assistants

Nursery Owlets

Miss Becky Oddy 

Maria Markchenko

Stella Dibra

Kate Giff

Reception Ducklings

Miss Alisha Campbell

Brigitte Thenard

Reception Poussins

Ms Kate Walker

Caitlin Wilson

Year 1 Starlings

Miss Amy Periam

Pam Skelton

Lorraine Kane

Year 1 Robins

Miss Becky Krawczyk

Hanchen Bertrand

Year 2 Kingfishers

Mr James Phillips

Ashley Gowhary

Year 2 Puffins

Miss Charlie Worner

 Kerrie-ann Braham

Year 3 Hedgehogs

Miss Georgiana Turner

Diana Ebelebe

Tony Skipper

Year 3 Squirrels

Mr Edward Walden


Milton Astley

Tony Skipper

Year 4 Badgers

Miss Alice Copner


Roz Joseph

Year 4 Foxes

Miss Christina Thorp

Marina Kresojevic-Nikacev

Year 5 Osprey

Mrs Coral Powell

Emma Savage

Theresa Murphy

Year 5 Falcons

Miss Eve Ingoldby

Carole Sherren

Ola Salami

Year 6 Eagles

Mr Andrew Poulloin

Dan Kilcoyne

Year 6 Sparrowhawks

Miss Kimberly Walker

Dan Kilcoyne


PPA Cover:

Mrs Amy Berryman


Cover Supervisors:

Mrs Pam Skelton

Music Teacher

 Helen Bradshaw

 Music Leader

Inclusion Team

Adrianna Veale

Hanchen Bertrand

Kerrie-Ann Braham



Speech and Language

Sports Coach Steve Gale


Administrative and Premises Staff

School Business Manager

Dafinka Dimitrova Guerdjikova



Cathrine Burton

Attendance & Medications

Administration Assistant

Alina Guiste

Clubs, Music Lessons & Finance, School Trips

Administration Assistant

Emma Burley (Monday - Wednesday)

Admissions,  School Journey (residential), Website & Newsletters

Premises Manager

Marcin Wroniak


Premises Assistant

Alan Matthews


The administration staff are located in the school office. They will be able to help you with any enquiries and direct you to other staff if necessary.