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This page is will continue to grow throughout the school closures- be sure to keep coming back if you love science!


At Hotham, our science curriculum is all about real learning; it develops knowledge and understanding of important scientific ideas that our children can relate to every day experiences, whilst encouraging curiosity and investigative skills.

The science curriculum is taught as either part of a REAL Project or in isolation, depending on whether it helps the children to answer their essential question. The children carry out investigations, observe and describe objects and events, make sense of their observations, test their hypotheses and explain results through practical activities, using the correct vocabulary.

For those of you who love doing science at home we have put together some fun science home learning activities. Please tweet any learning you are proud of or any fun you have had.

If you want to write up your investigation like a real scientist; following the links below help you structure your ideas.

KS1 Investigation template           KS2 Investigation template


Home closure science learning

Messi Goes to Okido

These activities are aimed Early Years and Key Stage 1 however the videos and the learning behind them can be enjoyed as a whole family. The activities follow on from watching the episode on BBC iPlayer or Netflix. 

IPlayer Messi episodes 

Click on the image below: 


There are other lovely activities available to download their site.